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Building a Following on LinkedIn

Jon Cobb


Huijin Kong, Author of Positive Influence, The First and Last Mile of Leadership

Huijin Kong


Scaling Your Consulting Business

Soren Kaplan

Episode 525. Chris Heivly, Author of Build the Fort: The Startup Community Builder’s Field Guide

Chris Heivly and Will Bachman discuss the concept of startup communities and the importance of building them. Heivly is the co-founder of MapQuest, which was sold to AOL for $1.2 billion, and the author of the Build the Fort. His second book, The Startup Community Builder’s Field Guide, focuses on how five simple lessons learned


Episode 486. Joe “Hark” Herold, President and COO of Bunkerlabs

Joe “Hark” Herold is a former Air Force colonel, he is the CEO of Design Thinking Denver, a consulting firm that takes a human-centered approach to innovation, and the president and COO of Bunkerlabs. Hark’s background covers information technology, cyber, civil engineering, and academia, in addition to strategy development and execution.  In this episode, he


Episode 477:  Tushar Shah on Intro to Search Funds

Tushar Shah is currently a Managing Partner at Kinderhook Partners, LLC.  Prior to Kinderhook, Tushar was a Principal at Geocapital Partners, a leading venture capital firm, a strategy consultant with the Monitor Group, where he led a range of projects in New York, London, and Tel Aviv; he is a CFA charter holder and he


Episode 443: Tony Lew on InsurTechNY

Tony is the co-founder and managing director at InsurTechNY, an organization that helps startups, carriers/brokers, investors, and enablers in the New York region and beyond through hosting InsurTechNY community events, startup competitions and accelerator. He is a BCG Alum, and his background includes product leadership at Alibaba, Gartner & NBC, an MBA from NYU Stern