Episode 519. Ashlee Horn, Training New Sales Leaders

Ashlee Horn speaks about her practice, which focuses on coaching new sales leaders. Ashlee outlines the problem she is trying to solve that 50% of new sales leaders fail within the first year. She speaks about the lifecycle of a sales manager and why sales leaders are so important to an organization. She explains that […]

Episode 511. David Newman, Author of Do It Selling

David Newman is a consultant who works with independent consultants, corporate trainers and executive coaches. In this episode, Will Bachman and David discuss his new book, Do It Selling. The book is organized with 77 instant action ideas that can be used to land better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees. The book is  divided […]

Episode 502. Jessica Magoch, The Musicology of Sales

Jessica Magoch is a jazz musician and sales expert who has put her two skills together to help others. She started her sales career when she was auditioning for college musical theater programs and realized that the best job for her would be one with flexibility – sales. She quickly excelled in the field and […]

Episode 492. Krysten Conner, Enterprise Account Executive 

After graduating with a BA in History and Education, Krysten knew she wanted a career where she could help people and make a positive impact. She became a teacher at middle school, but three years later she moved to an insurance agency where she led multiple departments, from operations to training to sales. Since the […]