Episode 546. Tiago Forte, Author of Building a Second Brain

In this session, Will Bachman and Tiago Forte discuss Tiago’s new book Building a Second Brain. They discuss how the concept provides value and work through each key learning aspect, the importance of using note-taking apps, including CODE and Para. Tiago talks about the background that led to the creation of the book and how […]

Episode 545.  Melanie Espeland Shares Tips from a Voice Coach

In this episode of Unleashed, Melanie Espeland talks about the importance of using one’s voice to make a powerful first impression. Melanie, an executive coach and life coach, shares her structure for building an executive presence. The structure includes two pillars: the literal (physical world) and the figurative (mental and emotional world).   Voice Is […]

Episode 544. Ron Lumbra, How to Join a Corporate Board

In this live event hosted by Umbrex in November 2023, Ron Lumbra, a member of the CEO & Board of Directors Practice and Partner at Heidrick and Struggles, discusses how to get on a corporate board. He shares insider knowledge about the process. The event was recorded as a streaming event, with approximately 300 people […]

Episode 543. Jill Stoddard, Author of Imposter No More

In this interview, author Jill Stoddard and Will Bachman discuss the concept of impostor syndrome. Jill defines the experience as a state  where individuals question their competence and legitimacy, even when there is objective evidence to support their accomplishments. The fear is that they will of be outed as a fraud. The phenomenon was officially […]

Episode 536. Davina Stanley, Elevating the Quality of Business Presentations

Davina Stanley, a consultant and author, has recently published the book Elevate: How to Lift the Quality of Thinking in Your Team’s Board Papers without Rewriting them yourself. She spent 15 years at McKinsey and coached consultants for 15 years. Her core work involves understanding the stakeholder environment and structuring messages based on the Minto […]

Episode 522. Oscar Trimboli, Listening Secrets Every Consultants Should Know

Oscar Trimboli is the author of How to Listen and the host of the podcast Deep Listening. He talks about the importance of listening in the context of an initial discussion with a client, and highlights the importance of being present and mindful in the conversation, and to focus on understanding the other person’s perspective. […]

Episode 515. Chad Oakley, The Current State of the Consulting Job Market

On May 12, 2023, Chad Oakley, CEO of Charles Aris, a top retained search firm in the US for placing former and current management consultants, spoke to members of Umbrex about the current state of the job market for consultants. Chad gave an introduction to Charles Aris and spoke about their strategy practice. He encouraged […]

Episode 507. Tony Martignetti, Unlocking Potential

Show Notes Tony Martignetti and Will Bachman discuss the importance of maintaining energy and excitement as a solopreneur or independent professional.  They talk about taking an assessment of the tools and different parts that you have been working on for your business. It is important to check in with yourself and ask what it is […]

Episode 500, Will Bachman, Unleashed: The Origin Story

Show Notes: Unleashed has been running for six years and has 335,000 downloads. In episode 500 of the podcast, host and creator, Will Bachman wants to share three things: the deep personal history behind the podcast, what listeners can expect going forward, and the impact it has had on him.  An Interest in Journalism Will […]

Episode 494. Raffi Grinberg, Adulting 101

Raffi Grinberg is the Executive Director of Dialog and an educator. He also created and taught the course Adulting 101 at Boston College (the most popular course in the undergraduate business school). The course covered personal finance, relationships/communication, positive psychology, and career skills. In this episode, he talks about developing this program and why it […]