Episode 442: Maureen Sarewitz on Impact Consulting

Maureen is the founder and managing partner at Acacia Growth & Impact Consulting. She brings 15 years of product management, marketing, and growth experience across the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Data, customer-centricity, and a focus on impact are at the core of the business. Today, she talks about the full range of services her […]

Episode 381: Launching a Brand

  In this Episode of Unleashed, I chat with Surbhee Grover. Surbhee is the consultant who runs the firm Steel and Graffiti. She has also recently launched the personal care brand love,Indus.com, and today we discuss the whole process of creating a brand from product formulation to promotion. Key points include: 05:58: Evolving past the concept […]

Episode 363: Nutritional Labels

Tekla Back, McKinsey alum, former senior vice president of strategy at PepsiCo., and founder of the snack, Keho. Tekla reveals how she got into nutrition, the truth behind the nutritional labels, and how she developed the Keho snack bar.