Episode 539. Nancy MacKay, Founder of MacKay CEO Forums

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman interviews Nancy Mackay, founder of MacKay CEO Forums (MC ACO), a peer advisory group that provides confidential peer support groups for CEOs and business owners across Canada. The group aims to populate the world with inspiring leaders by offering confidential peer support groups to hundreds of members. Nancy […]

Episode 538. Pam Fox Rollin, Growing Groups Into Teams

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman and Pam Fox Rollin, author of Growing Groups into Teams, discuss the concept of a team and its benefits. Pam opens the conversation by defining what a team is.  She emphasizes the importance of a shared promise and a commitment to coordinate to fulfill that promise. A team […]

Episode 507. Tony Martignetti, Unlocking Potential

Show Notes Tony Martignetti and Will Bachman discuss the importance of maintaining energy and excitement as a solopreneur or independent professional.  They talk about taking an assessment of the tools and different parts that you have been working on for your business. It is important to check in with yourself and ask what it is […]

Episode 496. Todd Cherches, Visual Leadership

Todd Cherches is a visionary leader with experience as a consultant, trainer, executive coach, TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, panelist, professor, author, blogger, and thought leader in the field of leadership and visual thinking. In this episode he talks about his patented VisuaLeadership® approach. You can learn more about Todd and his work at www.toddcherches.com or […]

Episode 449: Peter Costa on Excellence in Leadership

Peter Costa is the founder and leader of Capman LLC, a company that provides Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting. Peter draws on his experience leading public and private international businesses, in addition to extensive study and training in coaching, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. In today’s episode, he talks about his business’ best practices. You can […]

Episode 416: Reinvent Your Work

Jonas Altman is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who creates transformational learning experiences to elevate and grow leaders around the world. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and he has recently published the book, Shapers: Reinvent the way you work and change the future. On this episode, Jonas talks about his book, […]

Episode 386: Talent Development

  Marcia Nuffer has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. As McKinsey’s Chief Learning Officer, Marcia was responsible for building one of the most lauded global leadership development programs in the world. She has over 25 years of strategy and leadership development experience and runs her own company, BlueShor. […]