Episode 446: Vijay Mehra on Agile Methodology

Vijay is a former digital and technology leader at KKR leader and a founding member of  McKinsey Digital Labs in South East Asia. He is a highly accomplished expert consultant and Interim Chief Information Officer, and he currently serves Fortune 500 enterprises and companies invested in by the PEI 300. In this episode, he talks […]

Episode 397: ERP Systems

Sam Gupta is the principal consultant at ElevatIQ, Inc., and in this episode, he talks about manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

Episode 396: Serving Regional Bank CIOs

Neil Gardner a digital strategy consultant who helps clients to design and implement digital transformations, and he is the founder and principal of NMG Advisory. As an advisor to CIOs at regional banks, he helps move their teams from cost center to value creation center.

Episode 385: Gamification

  Aneta Key is an independent consultant who has established her own firm, Aedea Partners, where she helps organizations design rollout and usher programs like digital transformation, or strategy rollout, or change management, and culture change. She also designs and facilitates decision-making offsites. Aneta can be reached through her website, www.aedeapartners.com and she is active […]