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Unleashed, hosted by Umbrex Co-Founder Will Bachman, is the podcast that explores how to thrive as an independent professional.



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We’ve collected a set of top episodes that we most frequently recommend to answer the most common questions on getting started as an independent consultant. If you are new to Unleashed, start with these.


Author of The Corporation and the Twentieth Century

Richard Langlois


Building a Following on LinkedIn

Jon Cobb


Huijin Kong, Author of Positive Influence, The First and Last Mile of Leadership

Huijin Kong

Episode 528. Brian Ortiz, Building a LinkedIn Audience

Brian Ortiz talks to Will Bachman about their use of various tools and CRM systems to manage their LinkedIn presence which has 70,000 followers.  Brian talks about his history in marketing, his move into real estate investing, his purpose on LinkedIn, and the CRM tools he uses. Brian explains how he manages the actual inflow


Episode 527. Justin Nassiri Shares Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and build their personal brand. But how can executives effectively leverage LinkedIn to maximize their content strategy? To answer this question, Will Bachman talks to Justin Nassiri, founder of Executive Presence, who conducted a comprehensive analysis of client posts on LinkedIn. Justin talks


Episode 501. Nate Kievman, CEO of Linked Strategies

Nate Kievman is the founder of Linked Strategies, a company that helps create better relationships between businesses and their ideal buyers. Link Strategies has been in business since 2010 and has evolved over the years into a full-service digital agency. Link Strategies Will Bachman is the host of Unleashed, and he and Nate discuss the


Episode 361: The Practice

Seth Godin discusses his career trajectory, his books, his daily practices, his view on content marketing, and why he made the decision to avoid social media.


Episode 359: Podcasting Insights

James Carbary is the founder, executive producer, and co-host of Sweet Fish Media, a company that produces podcasts for B2B brands. Today, he shares his expertise on creating, distributing, and getting the most mileage out of your podcast.