Episode 380: Customer Centricity

  Stefan Kolle is the co-founder, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Futurelab, a company that helps businesses improve their marketplace through meaningful innovation in customer experience. On today’s show, Stefan shares a few case studies and we discuss customer centricity and customer experience. Key points include: 02:19: Assessing the state of customer […]

Episode 375: Customer Value

Stacy Sifleet is a lean process consultant. She helps manufacturers, distributors and service-based companies improve their profit through sharper price strategy while providing customers with the services or products they want. 

Episode 373: Collecting Fees

  Lessons learned from collecting payment on over 1,500 invoices: 1. What to include in the contract 2. Questions to ask after the contract is signed 3. What to include on your invoice 4. How to follow up after sending your invoice  

Episode 354: Corporate Storytelling

Philipp Humm is a storytelling coach who teaches how to apply the fundamentals of storytelling to sales, marketing, management, and connecting with your business audience.