Episode 462: Stan Sagner – Food Industry Consultant

Stan is a senior executive with deep expertise in digital and traditional media with a focus on food & beverage and hospitality-related businesses. As a food industry consultant, he has worked with a diverse range of global clients including Sony Pictures International; BBC Worldwide; and India Today Group. In today’s episode, he talks about his […]

Episode 365: Questions for Clients

In today’s weekend edition of Unleashed, I share a list of 20-25 questions that David A. Fields and I usually ask our clients during the initial conversation to help engage the client and secure the project.

Episode 358: Target List

In this short episode of Unleashed, I share a process that I use in my consulting practice and have found to be hugely valuable for both myself and my clients.

Episode 357: Core Network

In this episode of Unleashed, I share a few valuable ideas taken from David A. Fields and his book, The Irresistible Consultants’ Guide to Winning Clients, which I highly recommend.