Episode 504. Using a Spreadsheet as a CRM System

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman explains how independent professionals can use a spreadsheet as their CRM system. A spreadsheet can be an effective first step before investing in a paid CRM system, and for independent professionals, the most fundamental use of a CRM spreadsheet is to keep track of the people, organizations, and […]

Episode 466: Andrew Seay on Smartsheet and Transformation Projects

Andrew is a former engagement manager at Mckinsey where he specialized in asset productivity and served a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer products and mining. He is now the lead consultant at Seay Associates, focusing on operations transformation and corporate strategy. In today’s episode, Andrew talks about how to use Smartsheet on […]

Episode 463: Johannes Hoech on an Affordable MarTech Stack

Johannes Hoech is a C-level Silicon Valley executive who is experienced in “Growth Architecting”. He is an expert analyst and motivational leader with proven skills in general management, strategy, product management, and customer success.  With 25+ years of experience leading technology startups through early stage, high growth, and turnaround phases, he has a strong understanding […]