Episode 542. William Magnuson, Author of For Profit: A History of Corporations

William Magnuson, a professor at Texas A&M Law School and former Harvard University professor, discusses his book For Profit: A History of Corporations. The book covers eight different corporations throughout history, illustrating different facets of corporations. William  chose these eight corporations because they were relevant to the modern world and their importance in shaping society. […]

Episode 533. Richard Langlois, Author of The Corporation and the Twentieth Century

Richard Langlois, author of the book The Corporation and the 20th Century: The History of American Business Enterprise, and Will Bachman discuss the transition from entrepreneur-led businesses to modern multi-unit businesses. Richard talks about the drivers behind this transformation, including antitrust, which led to unintended consequences such as making coordination between firms illegal, and the […]

Episode 521. John Horn, Author of Inside the Competitor’s Mindset

Will Bachman and John Horn talk about the competition and how they should be taken into account when formulating a strategy. John points out that lowering the price is an easy response to a new product or market entry, which can prevent success. He suggests that understanding the competitor’s mindset is a key element to […]

Episode 500, Will Bachman, Unleashed: The Origin Story

Show Notes: Unleashed has been running for six years and has 335,000 downloads. In episode 500 of the podcast, host and creator, Will Bachman wants to share three things: the deep personal history behind the podcast, what listeners can expect going forward, and the impact it has had on him.  An Interest in Journalism Will […]

 Episode 491. Kyle McDowell, Best-selling Author of Begin with We

Kyle McDowell is an author, speaker, and leadership coach. Kyle started his career in a regional bank as a front-line customer service representative. He has nearly three decades of experience leading tens of thousands of employees for some of the biggest companies in the US, and he has recently launched his best-selling book, Begin with […]

Episode 483: Bryant Suellentrop,  Hiring a Professional in the Philippines

Bryant Suellentrop is the founder of Elevate and Delegate, a virtual staffing company that helps professionals hire the assistants they need to run their business efficiently. In this episode, Bryant talks about hiring professionals in the Philippines and how his business facilitates the process. Learn more about Bryant’s business at ElevateandDelegate.com or reach out to […]

Decoding What Clients Want

Celine Teoh is an executive coach who helps senior leaders convert potential into performance by making the soft skills practical. She is a certified Tiny Habits Coach with Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab, and a facilitator for Stanford Business School’s popular Interpersonal Dynamics course. She is also an ex-McKinsey consultant, business operator, marketing strategist, and investment […]

Episode 430: Purpose and Strategy

Belden Menkus was a senior engagement manager at McKinsey for six years and is the managing director at Menkus and Associates where they specialise in high-impact senior-level interventions that create new strategic value and growth opportunities using proven new approaches that engage head, heart, and hands. In today’s episode, we talk about how he approaches […]

Episode 429: The Purposeful Strategist

Belden Menkus is the managing director at Menkus and Associates. He is also the host of the podcast the Purposeful Strategist, a podcast that shifts the conversation from what organisations should do to what they are doing to embrace their broader purpose and translate it into tangible action. On today’s episode, we listen to one […]

Episode 391: Connecting C-Suite Leaders

  John Jeffcock was a captain in the British Army; he is now an author, a consultant, and the CEO of Winmark, a world-leading C-suite network business that interviews and profiles Chief Executive Officers from across the global corporate landscape.    Key points include: 02:45: How Winmark helps members make connections 09:40: Networking during COVID […]