Episode 546. Tiago Forte, Author of Building a Second Brain

In this session, Will Bachman and Tiago Forte discuss Tiago’s new book Building a Second Brain. They discuss how the concept provides value and work through each key learning aspect, the importance of using note-taking apps, including CODE and Para. Tiago talks about the background that led to the creation of the book and how […]

Episode 532. Jon Cobb, Building a Following on LinkedIn

Jon Cobb, a LinkedIn expert, shares his unique style of posts, which are short, concise, and impactful. His biggest post this year has received 236,000 likes and almost 18 million impressions.  It highlights the importance of leadership and culture change, which resonates with many people due to the timing of layoffs and the appreciation for […]

Episode 520. David A. Fields on Effective Outreach Emails

David A. Fields talks about the purpose of outreach emails and how to ensure they are effective. The purpose of outreach is not to sell, but rather to create conversations. He talks about both  ‘cold’ outreach, which is to contacts who you don’t know and ‘cool’ outreach, which is sending emails to people who the […]