Episode 411: Crafting Your Fishing Line

  David A.Fields is a consulting firm expert and author. He has helped hundreds of boutique and solo consulting firms grow, increase margins, and create lucrative, lifestyle-friendly businesses. This episode is taken from a session that David A. Fields led for the Umbrex and Veritux communities on how to craft your fishing line. Key points […]

Episode 357: Core Network

In this episode of Unleashed, I share a few valuable ideas taken from David A. Fields and his book, The Irresistible Consultants’ Guide to Winning Clients, which I highly recommend.

Episode 253: Resume Tips

I’ve looked at 5,000 resumes over the past four years – seen some good ones, and lot of resumes with room for improvement. This episode is particularly geared at independent consultants, but 90% of it is relevant to any professional.

Episode 239: Marketing Collateral

If you are looking to stay productive while between projects, one way to use the time productively is to invest time in creating or improving the marketing collateral of your firm.

Episode 140: Project List

Our guest today is Jay Martin, who’s got over 25 years of management consulting experience, including time at Arthur D. Little and IBM Global Services and nearly 18 years as an independent consultant.

Episode 121: Build a Portfolio

You probably wouldn’t hire a graphic designer or a wedding photographer without looking at their portfolio.

Independent consultants ought to have a portfolio as well – samples of sanitized work you can share with potential clients.