Episode 510. Greg Fincke, Managing Director of Equiteq

Greg Fincke is a Managing Director at Equiteq, a global sector focused investment bank that works with entrepreneurs in the IT services and management consulting sectors to create exit strategies. They have offices in London, Singapore, New York with smaller outposts around the globe.  They typically advise on companies with 3-25 million EBIT range, and […]

Episode 468: Alexander Leonard on Employment Law

Alexei Leonard is a Partner at Golenblock, Eisman, Assor Bell, and  Pescoe where he leads the firm’s labor and employment practice.  His practice spans nearly all employment counseling and litigation matters affecting employers today. In today’s episode, he talks about the legalities involved with hiring and retaining an employee. To learn more about Alexei’s services, […]

Episode 458: Panel discussion on Hiring Your First Associate

Will Bachman hosts a panel discussion on hiring your first associate. The panel includes top-tier consultants  J. Andrew McKee, David Burnie of The Burnie Group, and Belinda Li. Key points include: 04:32: Deciding to hire your first employee 07:45: The pros and cons of having employees 11:20: The right time to add additional employees 17:17: […]

Episode 353: LLC vs S-Corp

A common question independent consultants ask is what type of entity they should use to establish their practice. In this episode, Jonah Gruda reviews the most relevant aspects of the five types of entities that are most commonly considered.

Episode 263: IT Security

Hacking attempts have spiked upwards during the coronavirus epidemic as more employees work from home. Gary Chan is an information security consultant and shares 12 actions that independent consultants can take to enhance their information security profile.

Episode 56: Tax Topics

Our guest today is Jonah Gruda, a Tax Partner at the accounting firm Mazars USA, LLP.

In this episode, we discuss a wide range of tax-related topics relevant to independent professionals.

Episode 54: Health Insurance

Our guest today is Molly Leeds, a benefits account manager at Brown & Brown of New York. Molly helps  small and medium sized businesses to obtain the best package of employee benefits to fit their needs.

In our discussion, we focus on healthcare benefits.

Episode 12: Consulting Contracts

Our guest today is Matt Weill, who is my attorney as well as a good friend.

Matt began his legal career as an Associate at Skadden Arps and then he became a partner at the firm of Golenbock, Eiseman, Assor Bell & Peskoe.