Episode 532. Jon Cobb, Building a Following on LinkedIn

Jon Cobb, a LinkedIn expert, shares his unique style of posts, which are short, concise, and impactful. His biggest post this year has received 236,000 likes and almost 18 million impressions.  It highlights the importance of leadership and culture change, which resonates with many people due to the timing of layoffs and the appreciation for […]

Episode 528. Brian Ortiz, Building a LinkedIn Audience

Brian Ortiz talks to Will Bachman about their use of various tools and CRM systems to manage their LinkedIn presence which has 70,000 followers.  Brian talks about his history in marketing, his move into real estate investing, his purpose on LinkedIn, and the CRM tools he uses. Brian explains how he manages the actual inflow […]

Episode 527. Justin Nassiri Shares Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and build their personal brand. But how can executives effectively leverage LinkedIn to maximize their content strategy? To answer this question, Will Bachman talks to Justin Nassiri, founder of Executive Presence, who conducted a comprehensive analysis of client posts on LinkedIn. Justin talks […]

Episode 526. Alex Boyd on Organic LinkedIn Growth for B2B

Will Bachman welcomes Alex Boyd, the founder of Revenue Zen, a B2B organic growth marketing firm. Alex talks about organic growth marketing and how it is simply sharing knowledge about a product or service through platforms like websites, forums, and social media without relying on paid advertising. Alex’s strategy works because clients are drawn to […]

Episode 211: LinkedIn Best Practices

In this episode Will Bachman cover which type of LinkedIn Premium subscription should you get, tips on posting LinkedIn articles and posts, and recommendations on each element of your LinkedIn profile.