Episode 459: Josh Spector on Newsletter Growth

Josh Spector is the founder of the For The Interested newsletter; a weekly newsletter featuring ideas “to help you learn, do, and become.” He is also an audience growth strategist and a digital marketing consultant. But in this episode, he shares his expertise on newsletters. To sign up for Josh’s newsletter visit, fortheinterested.com, and to […]

Episode 451: Michael Katz on Business Newsletter Best Practices

Michael Katz is the author of four books, an award-winning humorist, and the founder of Blue Penguin, a company that helps professional service firms and solos talk and write about their work in a clear and compelling way. He has an MBA from Boston University and a BA in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal. […]

Episode 402: B2B Podcasting

Jonathan Baillie Strong is a B2B podcast strategist and the founder of Spotlight Podcasting, a company that helps consulting firms and mission-driven companies build more authority and grow their businesses with podcasting. Today, he shares insights from the world of podcasting from pre-production to promotion.  You can learn more about Spotlight Podcasting at www.spotlightpodcasting.com, and […]

Episode 359: Podcasting Insights

James Carbary is the founder, executive producer, and co-host of Sweet Fish Media, a company that produces podcasts for B2B brands.

Today, he shares his expertise on creating, distributing, and getting the most mileage out of your podcast.

Episode 345: Podcast Strategy

If you are setting up a podcast or blog, here are strategic questions to consider. Question 1 is discussed in Episode 344, and Questions 2-5 discussed in this episode.

Episode 344: Why Create Content

If you are planning to create content on a regular basis, it is worth your time to get explicit – at least with yourself – on your objectives.

Episode 341: Promoting an Online Course

Tom Libelt runs Smart Brand Marketing, and one of their main services is helping creators to promote their online courses. In this episode, Tom shares tips on how to create a marketing funnel to sell your course, and also shares advice on which platforms to use to create your course.