Episode 541. Scott Ratliff, Commercial Leadership Roles in Professional Services Firms

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman talks to Scott Ratliff,  who is a principal at the search firm Beecher Reagan. Beecher Reagan is a specialty retained executive search firm that works across three industries: professional services, digital and technology services, and private equity. As a principal at Beecher Reagan, Scott leads the commercial excellence […]

Episode 537. David A. Fields, How to Work Effectively with Visibility Partners

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman interviews David A. Fields on how to work with industry associations and other types of groups to build businesses and create value. He touches on the concept of trade associations, and how we should view the trade association as a source of prospects. It’s important to consider other […]

Episode 520. David A. Fields on Effective Outreach Emails

David A. Fields talks about the purpose of outreach emails and how to ensure they are effective. The purpose of outreach is not to sell, but rather to create conversations. He talks about both  ‘cold’ outreach, which is to contacts who you don’t know and ‘cool’ outreach, which is sending emails to people who the […]

Episode 514. Evan Polin, Generating Referrals from Your Existing Network 

Evan Polin, founder and operator of Polin Performance Group, talks about how his firm helps professionals in the service industry build their businesses and grow their practice. He helps them get in front of their ideal clients, make sure they’re not giving away their expertise for free, and qualify opportunities more quickly. He also helps […]

Episode 511. David Newman, Author of Do It Selling

David Newman is a consultant who works with independent consultants, corporate trainers and executive coaches. In this episode, Will Bachman and David discuss his new book, Do It Selling. The book is organized with 77 instant action ideas that can be used to land better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees. The book is  divided […]

Episode 509. Ulrich Riedel,  Cold Lead Generation via LinkedIn

Ulrich Riedel and Will Bachman discuss Ulrich’s unique cold lead generation process via LinkedIn. Ulrich advises to respect the leads and to be careful to select only candidates who would benefit from this process and to be careful not to spam. He shares why he chose to find leads this way and explains why  there […]

Episode 410: Client Events

  Amanda  Setili is president of the strategy consulting firm Setili & Associates, author of two books of strategy and growth, she is a McKinsey alum and an Umbrex member. On this episode, she shares expert tips on setting up a successful virtual event. Key points include: 06:50: First steps in connecting 13:28: Pre-event preparation […]

Episode 365: Questions for Clients

In today’s weekend edition of Unleashed, I share a list of 20-25 questions that David A. Fields and I usually ask our clients during the initial conversation to help engage the client and secure the project.

Episode 364: 21 Business Development Ideas

As independent consultants, we often look for ways on how to grow our business. In today’s episode, you’ll find a round up of 21 business development ideas that can help build your business this year. You’ll also find all the relevant links to Unleashed episodes where we explore these items in more detail.