Episode 547. Tyler Cowen, Author of Talent

Tyler Cowen, an author, economist and philanthropist, talks about the inspiration for his new book and the importance of talent identification in business. He believes that talent assessment is an art rather than a science and that institutions like the Florentine Renaissance, which had a competitive process for identifying talent, have been particularly good at […]

Episode 542. William Magnuson, Author of For Profit: A History of Corporations

William Magnuson, a professor at Texas A&M Law School and former Harvard University professor, discusses his book For Profit: A History of Corporations. The book covers eight different corporations throughout history, illustrating different facets of corporations. William  chose these eight corporations because they were relevant to the modern world and their importance in shaping society. […]

Episode 533. Richard Langlois, Author of The Corporation and the Twentieth Century

Richard Langlois, author of the book The Corporation and the 20th Century: The History of American Business Enterprise, and Will Bachman discuss the transition from entrepreneur-led businesses to modern multi-unit businesses. Richard talks about the drivers behind this transformation, including antitrust, which led to unintended consequences such as making coordination between firms illegal, and the […]

Episode 512. Jimmy Soni, Author, Speaker, Speechwriter

Author Jimmy Soni kicks off the conversation by explaining why the PayPal mafia is more noteworthy than other large startups. Soni explains that he wrote the book to document not only the business successes, but also the personal stories of the founders. He explains that the market has been good and that people can learn […]

Episode 387: The War of Art

Steve is the author of Gates of Fire and about a dozen other novels, mostly historical fiction set in the time of ancient Greece and Rome. He’s also the author of the modern classic The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. Steve’s latest book is A Man at Arms, a fantastic deliver-the-message tale about a retired Roman legionnaire who has been ordered to intercept the messengers who are trying to deliver Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

Episode 361: The Practice

Seth Godin discusses his career trajectory, his books, his daily practices, his view on content marketing, and why he made the decision to avoid social media.