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Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

In this article, Shelli Baltman and co-founder Fiona Stevenson share what they’ve learned about virtual ideation during the pandemic, and explore how you can make it work for your team. Congratulations!  If you’ve successfully transitioned from office-based working to a work-from-home model, you’re already an absolute champion!  Many of us talk about pandemic fatigue as […]

In this company post shared by Sachin Sanghvi, the problem of keeping remote teams on track is identified and signs of dysfunction highlighted.   Once upon a time in the pharmaceutical industry, a grand experiment emerged as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic. White collar workers everywhere were sent home, uncertain of the future of […]

Koen Veltman shares a company blog post that outlines a simple process to ensure virtual meetings are more effective. Meetings can be very chaotic, especially when you don’t see each other, how do you efficiently get to a decision? Use a process! Not only decide on the what you will discuss, but also on the […]


  Aneta Key shares a fun, and fast, survey that reveals the things people do while in a virtual meeting. Fill in the survey to access the results.  We have all been guilty. Multitasking. Oversharing. Faux pas. See a list of 25 things people do while on virtual meetings. (Secretly) confess your virtual meeting sins […]

  As many of us continue to hold a business together through online meetings, Susan Drumm provides expert advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of the virtual workplace, including tips on planning and running online meetings. Effective virtual meetings? Ha! If they exist, I’ve certainly never attended one.” If this was your thought process […]