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vendor governance

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Anna Engströmer with Anna Engströmer GmbH. Anna is Swedish, has worked across Europe and lives in Switzerland. She worked 2006-2011 in McKinsey in Italy, in the Business Technology Office and the Operations Practice. She was a manager at Zurich Insurance (Finance and Sourcing) and at UBS (Vendor Governance). She works […]

  Surbhee Grover discusses diversity and inclusion and explains why solidarity is the key to forging a new paradigm of equality.  The fashion industry saw one debacle after another in 2018-19 that demonstrated just how wide the gap is between how businesses should behave and how they do. In the recent past, Burberry, Gucci and […]

  John Murray steps up and provides a post that tackles the divide in discourse surrounding current politics and pandemic issues.  It is tough to get a majority of Americans to agree on anything these days, let alone an overwhelming majority. Wait! Here’s something: ‘Political discourse in America has devolved and become toxic and dangerous.’ […]

  An uplifting and sage post from Paul Millerd on what politics has become, racism in America, and why love eats politics.   I’m sitting down right now at 11:03am in Spain to write this. I am not sure where I’ll end up or if I’ll hit send this week, but I wanted to give it […]

  Jeremy Greenberg’s company has published a report that shares insight and statistics into workplace diversity. The research is clear that diversity in the workplace is good for both employers and employees. Many prominent studies have found proven benefits of a more diverse work environment. These benefits include an increase in innovation, reduction in turnover, […]

  Christy Johnson shares valuable insights from a survey of Seattle start-ups. Most Seattle startups are very focused on the data—they rely heavily on data to drive product decisions. Seattle is home to Amazon and Microsoft, which have leveraged data to succeed in everything from retail, to cloud computing, software development and artificial intelligence. But […]