Jay Jung shares a case study on negotiating venture capital term sheets that helped their client increase their valuation by 80% and double the capital raise. Most founders are not deal makers. In contrast, most investors are highly experienced deal makers. One of our Client Companies received a term sheet from a well-known VC in […]


Ian Tidswell shares a guide on B2B price guidance, why it’s important, and what type of price guidance to give.   (Sorry, this one’s a bit long. It’s also a key to superior B2B pricing) Providing high-quality price guidance to your sales teams as they negotiate with customers can result in measurable profit increases. It really […]

Sanjay Gandhi shares an article that discusses strategies for companies and High Net Worth families and individuals that can provide a silver lining amidst the tough news and provide long-term benefits when valuations rise again. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in significant public market losses, as reflected in daily stock market gyrations and volatility. Private […]

  Sanjay Gandhi shares insight into deal terms, valuation, and the importance of understanding your exit hurdles.  We’ve seen a significant increase in founders talking to us about deal terms in the current funding environment, especially as the earliest signs of economic tightening and downrounds are starting to appear. Many ask, “How do I get […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Cyrille Alheritiere with Marmenia Consulting. Cyrille is a Freelance Consultant running his own firm based in Geneva. He specialises on advice to SMEs in particular in the preparation of business plans, valuations, due-diligence, sales & operations and fundraising pitch books. Prior to starting his own activity, Cyrille spent 14 years […]