Technological innovation

Technological innovation

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Philippe Simon with WINNOTEK Sarl. Philippe served two years as delegate administrator on behalf of his client in a patent licensing pool addressing a European digital TV standard whereby the client owned an “essential” patent. He assists several public research organizations in technology transfers toward private industry, and facilitates maturation […]

  Marcia Nuffer shares an article that highlights the pros and cons of learning online. Online learning can be, and should be, as addictive as the other technologies we use. We are addicted to technology.  Multiple studies say we check our phones between 50 and 80 times a day. Millennials up to 150 times.  Sure, […]

  Thomas K. Hamann shares a white paper on the sale of cars in Germany and the factors that lie behind the current market situation. Car dealers in Germany have opened again ca. four weeks ago. But the situation has hardly changed since then; new car sales are still down (Helmut Kluger in Automobilwoche 11/12 […]


  David Uriarte explores the limitations and opportunities in the future of travel.  In the travel industry, we are currently living devastating times. During these days, like many others, I try to imagine how the future of travel will be after Covid-19. In this process, analyze the new limits and new opportunities is a common […]

  Abhinav Chandra takes a look at the forthcoming holiday season to predict how fashion companies will deal with customers’ expectations, and sales decline during the pandemic. Tackling the dual threat of COVID-19 and climate change; a data-driven action plan for retailers to adapt quickly to changing consumer purchasing behavior. It has been an eventful […]

  With a look ahead to a post pandemic environment, James Black provides nine questions to help you identify the potential possibilities and pitfalls. While all eyes are on navigating the pandemic—and for retailers than also means navigating the critical holiday shopping period—smart manufacturers and retailers are starting to look ahead to envision how they […]

  With the pandemic hitting the second wave and going nowhere fast, Boris Galonske shares a comprehensive framework and downloadable PDF playbook designed to guide companies through critical infrastructure operations during major disruptions such as: pandemics. The coronavirus exposes critical infrastructure to a risk environment which is unprecedented in recent history. In order to maintain […]

  Christophe De Greift shares an article that contradicts popular culture and redefines the image of the data scientist.  The ‘sexiest profession of the 21st century,’ named in 2012 by the Harvard Business Review to define the Data Scientist, has gone through various emotional states lately, depending on its field of action. Those who support […]

  In this article, Supriya Prakash Sen identifies the priorities that can help put our world back together post COVID-19 and ensure we continue to survive the impending effects of climate change. Solving the Covid-19 crisis should not come at the expense of the Climate. This is a post about why we should solve for […]

  Barry Horwitz shares a recent post on how to deal with the current crisis and benefit from the disruption. “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” — Stanford economist Paul Romer Yesterday afternoon, I logged into what must be my 150th Zoom conference. What was once an occasional event has turned into a […]