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Team Management

Team Management

Stephanie Soler shares professional coaching tips on how to manage a one-on-one session that yields results. Having regular 1:1 meetings with direct reports has become standard practice for managers. In reality, the quality of these meetings vary. At their worst, 1:1s are bland status updates and a waste of time. At their best, 1:1s are […]

Jesse Jacoby takes us back to the basic, but widely overlooked and underestimated, points of communication that help build trust, ensure clear communication and win respect. We live in an age where communication is rampant. When exchanging information with a colleague, you may choose to email, text, instant message, tweet, and the list goes on. […]

Finding the right people to work with is difficult, so when you have a good employee, how do you ensure you keep them? Jesse Jacoby explains how to stop your talent from leaving your company. Talent flight refers to the sense of a sudden exodus of highly skilled people from the current organization. It’s not […]

In this article, Lars Linnekogel shares the key points of importance in the formation of a project team. In our work to date, we have been introduced to many project teams on the basis of which a project can succeed or possibly fail. The “formation of a project team” may sound simple at first, but […]

Tirrel Payton tackles the all-too-common messy problems that plague many a team and team manager.  “Our project is to implement a new widget management system”, she stated confidently. “Ok”, I said, “but what is the problem we are trying to solve?” “We need a new system…”, she reiterated. “Yea, but to what end? Whats the […]


Ben Dattner shares an article published in Harvard Business Review that reveals the source of most conflicts in the workplace.  Conflict happens everywhere, including in the workplace. When it does, it’s tempting to blame it on personalities.  But more often than not, the real underlying cause of workplace strife is the situation itself, rather than […]


In this post, Jessica Lackey identifies the five costs of misalignment and what you can do about it.  It can be easy to stay super busy by taking action in our lives and businesses. #productivity #hustleculture But if the actions we are taking are not aligned to our deepest blueprint, our inner knowing, then we […]

Amanda Setili shares a concise post on the perception of risk and how it affects the team.  Karen perceives that competitors are moving very quickly, so she feels the leadership team has no option but to be even more aggressive. Jim sees the competitors as foolhardy, so he wants to take a slow and steady […]


In this article, Jared Simmons identifies the difference between intelligence and wisdom and how understanding the difference may improve talent management.  In large organizations, the nature of the work creates a natural tendency toward complexity. And as a leader, it can be very tempting to advance those who seem to have the intelligence to manage […]

  Jeffery Perry shares an article that explains how to leave a leadership position in the best possible way and shape. Leavership? No, this is not a typo where the “v” is meant to be a “d.” Much has been written about business leadership—the art of guiding and motivating others to achieve a set of […]