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Team Management

Team Management

If you find managing a hybrid team challenging, you might find this article from Zahra Abdullah useful. Managing hybrid teams has recently emerged as a key leadership development area. Since early last year many companies have been communicating the importance of returning to the office and have been encouraging employees to spend a minimum of […]


In this article, Jesse Jacoby explores the benefits of hiring employees with shared values, and the problem with creating shared values. It’s been suggested that you can increase team performance by creating values that all members share. Sounds like a great idea, right? What could be better than if everyone had the same red lines, […]

Tineke Keesmaat shares a podcast from the Hybrid Workplace series. In this episode, building culture in a hybrid workplace is discussed. Our third discussion on hybrid captures insights and practical ideas from business leaders, consultants and academics about how leaders can build great culture in hybrid workplaces. Company culture matters. Strong culture is linked to […]

To manage a remote team successfully, it is essential to recognize and address problematic behavior before it escalates. In this article, Sachin Sanghvi offers a few tips to recognise the signs.  Once upon a time in the pharmaceutical industry, a grand experiment emerged as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic. White collar workers everywhere […]

In this company post shared by Sachin Sanghvi, the problem of keeping remote teams on track is identified and signs of dysfunction highlighted.   Once upon a time in the pharmaceutical industry, a grand experiment emerged as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic. White collar workers everywhere were sent home, uncertain of the future of […]

Anastasia Ksenofontova shares an article designed to help overcome and improve perceived divisions between sales and production departments. Salespeople sell what they know rather than what the clients need. They use personal connections rather than industrial or functional competencies to close the deals. Salespeople do not fully understand the products they are selling. On the […]

Xavier Lederer shares a company post that explains how to be more persuasive when leading a team through misunderstanding or disagreements. It felt like the only thing we could agree on, is that we couldn’t agree on anything. Have you been there before? We had been discussing our 10-year vision for 45 minutes with the […]

Mason Adair shares an article on the benefits of moving outside of clearly defined roles.  When talented design, marketing and product people collaborate, great things can happen. However, especially in newly formed teams, significant overlap in these roles can leave teams mired in the question of ‘who does what’? Left unanswered, this question can lead […]


Barry Horwitz explains how to improve team communication, relationship, and productivity. Have you heard about the “Two Pizza Rule?” It was introduced by Jeff Bezos in the early days of Amazon. The idea: every internal team should be small enough that it can be fed with just two pizzas. Beyond that, Bezos believed, the group […]

Guillermo Herbozo shares an evergreen post on improving team effectiveness.  In our quest to improve team effectiveness in a sustainable way, we have come to a seemingly obvious conclusion. There is no one stand-alone intervention for making change sustainable. Improving team performance requires a combination of efforts and interventions, as discussed on the post Coaching […]