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In this post, Tyler Grant shares key points to consider when team building. 70% of the advice I see on LinkedIn about teams is completely useless for the average team. There’s a lot of conversation about speed to delivery, value generation, stable teams, and fast paced, build to last tech practices. However, I feel that […]

In this article, Diane Flynn shares five wicked lies that compromise your diverse team building efforts, and action steps to overcome them.  With diverse teams, companies are 45 percent more likely to grow share and 70 percent more likely to capture new markets. Cognitive diversity creates great teams. Homogeneity is the creativity killer. So why […]

In this article, Diane Flynn goes beyond the obvious with these insights on building team diversity. Lack of diversity has long been the elephant in the room for the tech industry and everybody is painfully aware the industry is too pale, too male, and very young. Yet few companies are actually tackling the issue head […]

Gina Abudi shares an article designed to help build a plan when planning to build a team. When you have decided to commit to team building on your team, build out your action plan to plan for team building. In this way, you’ll be sure that team building will be more than just some fun […]

Anubhav Raina shares an evergreen post on building trust using the steps of supply chain management as a guide.  Trust is a vague term & people use it in different contexts. One good definition I’ve come across: “Trust is an individual’s ability to accept risk based on his or her expectations of another person’s behaviour.” […]

  Joana Domingues explains how a strong tactic of team leadership may be to admit when you need help. Every time I do it, it’s magical. And yet, I refrain. After all, I’ve spent a life showing myself strong and helpful, capable of dealing with anything you throw at me, and with composure and a […]

This post from Jeremy Greenberg’s company blog identifies five lessons that CEOs can learn from Howard Stern. Howard Stern has been one of the most controversial entertainers since he hosted his first radio show over 40 years ago. Love him or hate him, he has enjoyed a successful career thus far – building his brand […]