target market

target market

Claire de Weerdt shares a helpful article that identifies four key steps to calculate the TAM of your business and focus your marketing efforts. The size of the market a business is operating in is something strategy teams, investors, and start-ups all find value in assessing. For strategy teams and executives, understanding market size can […]

In this article, Susan Hamilton Meier tackles the issue of communication and climate change, and applies principles of branding to overcome barriers in communication. I talk a lot with my clients about empathy. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes when you’re trying to get your message across. Speaking their language. Meeting them where they […]


Step up your marketing game with a review of your target market. James Black shares the first in a series of columns developed for AlleyWatch to guide startups and small and medium-sized businesses on best-in-class marketing principles. In this article, he identifies 3 key steps you can take to understand your target consumer. Understanding the […]

Rob Ristagno shares a post on the benefits of customer segmentation. The customer segmentation process begins by identifying all the types of customers who buy from you. The next step is to zero in on the segments that generate the greatest revenue with the least amount of effort. Once you’ve found those high-value segments, it’s […]