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sustainable future


Ushma Pandya shares a report on legislative updates for New York State waste disposal. We continue to see federal, state, and local activity related to waste reduction and diversion. We provide the below as a recap of the major legislation (passed and pending) that is of interest, primarily in NYC and NY State but also […]

This evergreen article from Surpiya Sen demonstrates how our cities can be transformed into smart cities that are moving into a new age of connectivity and technology, sustainability and inclusivity with the ability to weather this new age of environmental and economic challenges. We’ve heard much about Smart Cities by now. India’s ambitious initiative to […]

As the growing issue of waste was exacerbated by the pandemic, the search for solutions is open to creative ideas. In this article, Supriya Sen shares design principles that have worked in other societies to regenerate the environment. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, when I read last week about ongoing public consultations […]

This five-minute article co-authored by Norbert Paddags explains how private banking can become more profitable with ESG investments.  Sustainable investing continues to gain in importance, driven by investor expectations and regulation. This creates challenges for portfolio management and the pricing of cost-intensive ESG services. If these are mastered, one can do good and earn money […]

Ushma Pandya shares a short post that identifies a big problem from a small, but globally ubiquitous, item and what we can do about it.  Underwear is 6% of womenswear product sold in the US + UK.  (source:  EDITED Market Intelligence Platform).  That is a lot of product!   But what do you do once your […]

Gregory Borel shares a useful checklist for CEOs who are committed to moving towards NetZero and taking the necessary transformative steps. For Commercial Real Estate leaders, the starting point on net-zero is often the ambition: we need to be net-zero by… 2030? 2040? with some of the detailed thinking left for later.  This does not […]


In this article, Supriya Prakash Sen draws our attention to the ever-growing problem of mass consumerism and how dematerialization could help.  This theme of today’s blog post is in the backdrop of a stunning rise in e-commerce globally – from books to electronics to food to fashion. Sounds great for consumers as well as for […]

  Supriya Prakash Sen shares a pertinent reminder on big picture problems that we all face, and offers a solution that could be a small step in financing but a leap towards a sustainable future. In the midst of a pandemic, the past year has been chilling at best, and a nightmare at the worst […]


  During the height of the pandemic in 2020, Edward Kee took the time to write a book on the failure of the nuclear power market, how nuclear energy is the most sensible energy alternative, and what market failure means for this industry. The biggest threat faced by nuclear power is from a market approach […]