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sustainable development

sustainable development

This evergreen article from Surpiya Sen demonstrates how our cities can be transformed into smart cities that are moving into a new age of connectivity and technology, sustainability and inclusivity with the ability to weather this new age of environmental and economic challenges. We’ve heard much about Smart Cities by now. India’s ambitious initiative to […]

Every year climate action gains traction in the acknowledgement of urgency and dire need, and, thankfully, many businesses are taking action. To help more business leaders move in a sustainable, and profitable, direction Jennifer Hartz shares how to get ESG right in this article. “In the previous Hartz & Minds issue, we defined ESG, explained […]


Ushma Pandya explains why building design should consider low waste goals at the earliest stages of design.  Buildings are designed for comfort, productivity, entertaining and living. Buildings have historically not been designed to support low waste goals. However, that is changing as architects and developers have come to realize the importance of design in supporting […]

From his podcast, Powering Prosperity, Indranil Ghosh is interviewed by Julianne Sloane, co-founder of Nossa Data. He shares his background and what led him to write his book.   In this week’s newsletter, I share some of my ideas on how to achieve sustainable economic development via an interview with Julianne Sloane, co-Founder of Nossa Data—the […]

  Indranil Ghosh shares the latest episode of Powering Prosperity Weekly. In this post, he shares an interview with Rachel Ziemba of The Street where they discuss the fiscal and infrastructure proposals in Biden’s US congressional address. Welcome to this week’s edition of Powering Prosperity Weekly. This newsletter looks at issues relating to the Global […]