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In this article, Alex Mitchell shares a deep dive on the path to sustainability for the cruise ship industry in addition to informative links from this newsletter’s sponsors. This newsletter aims to separate the signal from the noise for investment in all things sustainable transportation: Electrification, mode shift, active and public transit, and mobility aggregation, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Stuart Skeates. Stuart spent 8 years at McKinsey & Co being a core member of the public sector and sustainability practice. Stuart focused on supporting clients on strategy, investment and new business building and had a particular expertise in the carbon markets sector, especially the voluntary credit market. Stuart also […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Yann Parer with YP Consult. Yann is a consultant with 4 years’ experience working with McKinsey and Australian boutique firm PQ Partners with extensive experience in mining, technology M&A, business transformation, strategy, and sustainability. Yann serves companies across Australia in projects ranging from group strategy and value chain optimisation to […]

Jennifer Hartz shares a post and raises the alert on the problem of greenwashing in waste management.   Fun Facts Waste Management is the largest operator of solid and chemical waste disposal in the US. Bill Gates and Cascade Investment owns 34% of the company. Waste Management earned  profits of $17.4B in 2021, and the stock […]

As news of California’s increasing water shortages, Jessica Graf shares an article on water supply systems in Nepal and how to build better, more sustainable services. In Nepal, community-based management of water systems through local water user committees is very common. While the approach has been widely promoted in the past, the results are below […]

Corporations are beginning to change their operations and strategies to become more sustainable. This can seem like a huge undertaking for a company that is already long established, but some Umbrex and Veritux consultants are focusing on helping client companies become more environmentally sustainable. Nidhi Chadda, Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, says it’s often […]


Ushma Pandya shares a post from her company’s blog on what NYC schools are doing to move towards zero waste and what businesses can learn from them. Tens of thousands of people representing many industries and sectors gathered for COP26 in Glasgow this fall 2021 to determine what it would take to accelerate climate action. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nidhi Chadda with Enzo Advisors. Nidhi is a generalist growth investor and advisor across public and private markets. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, a global sustainability consulting firm focused on helping companies build best-in-class sustainable business models within an ESG construct and works closely with […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Brent Packer with Brent is a former Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. During his 5+ years at the Firm, he worked with Fortune 500, public sector, and nonprofit clients while specializing in digital/analytics/product and sustainability (recognized as 1 of 16 manager-level experts globally). He has also worked with multiple […]

  Ushma Pandya shares a blog post from his company’s website that highlights key statistics on the use and recycling of plastic and how a new act will affect your life.  In March of 2021, a new version of the 2020 Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act was reintroduced into Congress. The federal bill, which […]