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Supply Chains


Tanya Khotin explains the true cost of beef that comes from Brazil.  Deforestation is bad. Deforestation in Brazil is especially bad, which is bad because most deforestation is happening in Brazil.  And it’s happening primarily due to the industrial food and agriculture supply chains – beef, mainly, and soy embedded in all animal protein. Not […]

Usman A. Ghani provides a downloadable PDF on relaunching your business in a post COVID economy. To successfully relaunch your business in the  Post-­‐‑Covid-­‐‑19 economies,  you need real answers to questions such as those below. To thrive in the emerging business environment, you must implement feasible, proactive, and timely solutions for your specific recovery goals. […]

In this article, Andrew Seay offers a solution to silo’d supply chains. Recently put an item on promotion and quickly stocked out?  Frustrated by the pile of aging inventory sitting in the annex warehouse?  Trying to determine whether a plant shutdown is the right choice?  At some point in every company’s growth, it will eventually […]

  Jason George provides insight on the changes that may emerge after the current crisis.   A good strategy should be responsive to the various scenarios that could plausibly materialize, but even the most tightly crafted ones get blown apart when their subject is hit by an asteroid. In our current situation the object wreaking […]