supply chain continuity

supply chain continuity


Mohannad Gomaa shares an article designed to help you manage supply chain resilience by developing a continuity guide. 

Supply Chain Continuity Plan (SCCP)

Manage your Supply chain resilience and provide the business with a supply chain business continuity plan Business Impact Analysis

External Suppliers and Customers:

Send questionnaires to your suppliers and service providers to see how their operations are adjusting and discuss capacity availability/pricing/contract FM. Conduct meetings on key risk orders/SKUs

Communicate with your customers on key issues and ways to collaborate to fulfill orders and (investment/capacity) support needed. There are lessons learned from Toyota and others on how their supply chain network worked together during suppliers’ emergency shutdowns

Internal Operations:

Leverage your IBP structure to schedule an emergency meeting and discuss demand and supply risks and impact on customers.

Identify what if scenarios and resolutions to be escalated to C-level


Key points in this article include:

  • Recovery Strategies
  • Plan Deployment
  • Test Procedures


Access the full PDF, Supply Chain Continuity Plan Guide,from


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