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subscription business

Robbie Kellman Baxter shares an insightful and useful post on how to win back lost subscribers. She also includes customer exit survey questions to help you maintain and improve your customer service.  Most “retention teams” focus on keeping customers from canceling in the final days of their subscription term, trying to save them at the […]


Robbie Kellman Baxter shares an article on a surprising subscription offered by BMW. BMW Group recently announced a subscription to heated seats subscriptions. The offering is available in several markets, including the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa although not the US, yet. According to the Verge, other subscription offerings on offer will include […]

Robbie Kellman Baxter explains what went wrong with a subscription company that found shares falling.  Peloton’s stock is down, after quite a ride. Peloton (PTON) is widely expected to deliver a year-over-year decline in earnings even though revenues are up, for the quarter ended December 2021. And the stock has been in a steady decline […]

Robbie Kellman Baxter provides an interview with Michael Brito, who managed The Economist’s group subscription business.  Much of the conversation around news media subscriptions has been about going direct to consumer. But sometimes these strategies include a little B2B or even B2B2C by partnering with businesses to see organizations can expand their reach and build […]


Robbie Kellman Baxter asks and answers what features should be free and what should be paid in a freemium subscription? I get asked all the time what features should be freemium (aka free forever) and what features should go behind the paywall. The answer is, of course, it depends. But here are some useful frameworks. […]

In this article, Robbie Baxter interviews Alli Harper,  founder and owner of OurShelves, on how an e-commerce subscription can play a role in social impact. Most subscription entrepreneurs initially are attracted to the model for its predictable recurring revenue, but there are other benefits to having an ongoing relationship with members. Our guest, Alli Harper, […]

In the latest Subscription Stories podcast from Robbie Baxter, she identifies how  YPO gets CEOs to engage in membership community, even though they’re really busy. Scott Mordell was the CEO of the Young Presidents’ Organization or YPO from 2011 through 2020. Prior to that, he was a YPO member as the result of leadership roles […]

  Robbie Baxter shares a roundup of key insights from this year’s D2C (direct to consumer) summit. A perk of my work as a speaker is that I get to go to a lot of conferences. It’s one of my favorite ways to learn, and to build my community. This month, I’m taking it a […]

  Robbie Baxter shares the latest interview from Subscription Stories. In this article, she interviews Matt Fielder of Vinyl Me on beginning his business and scaling up. What comes next, once you’ve launched your subscription model, you’ve proven that there are people who wanted what you were offering and that those people would continue to […]

  For all those thinking about starting a subscription-based business, or adding a subscription service to a business, Robbie Kellman Baxter shares an article that identifies five things you shouldn’t do and one you should.  Netflix is a true leader of the Membership Economy. Back in 2002 when I first started working with them, I […]