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Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Iain Paine with Silver Ridge Advisors. Iain is a senior operations, technology and program management leader with more than 20 years of experience in business transformation. He specializes in helping companies optimize their end-to-end business flows and operational processes to improve performance and scalability. Iain has worked with companies of […]

Gaelle Lamotte shares an article based on an interview with Business Reporter where she talked about strategy execution, competitive advantage, and staying agile.  In a world of disruptive businesses, overwhelming information and relentless change, companies have to master the art of strategy execution to be agile enough to capitalise on growth opportunities. Excellence in execution […]

Geoff Wilson shares an article that identifies the key components of success when planning and executing business strategies. Relying on unidentified heroics is great for movies, but bad for business strategy. This article contains a spoiler for the 1977 movie “Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope”. If you’ve never seen it, you’ve missed an […]

  In today’s accelerated pace of business, there are benefits to going slow on strategy execution. In this post, Sean McCoy explains why. Leaders of all types of organizations – businesses, non-profits, government departments – often want their organizations to move faster. Once leaders develop clear vision and strategy, they want the organization to move […]

  If your team has difficulty moving strategies from thought to action, take advantage of 20 years of experience in strategy consulting from Andrew Hone’s company by clicking through to this comprehensive guide on strategy implementation. You’ve just put the finishing touches to your business strategy. You’ve spoken to customers, researched the key market segments, […]

  Gaelle Lamotte was recently interviewed for the Telegraph’s Business Reporter on bridging the gap between business strategy and achieving the best results.  Strategies often fail because there is a lack of a robust, compelling strategic story that hangs off them, there’s a failure of coordination between units and functions, often misalignment, and at the […]