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strategic transformation

strategic transformation

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Pam Fox Rollin with IdeaShape.  Pam Fox Rollin, MBA coaches senior executives and top teams in Silicon Valley and globally. Pam guides technology, biopharma, and healthcare organizations to succeed in strategic transformation, executive development, leadership development, and culture change. She works with public companies, PE-backed companies, scale-ups, and NGOs. She […]

In this article, Natalie Ceeney identifies a few reasons why transformation efforts fail.  …or why large organisations find transformation so hard Anyone in business knows that ‘change’ is a fact of life. ‘Change management’ is taught on every leadership course, and we all know the essentials of good ‘change management’ (clear vision, over communicate, create […]

A concise post on transformation from Carsten Friedrichs. “Transformation Key Success Factors number 2: If you are not among the first, you react quickly and consistently. You can’t be at the forefront of every topic. No organization can provide that much human and financial capacity. You can be very successful in the role of a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Duncan Mitchell with OCC Business Services.  Duncan Mitchell spent over 6 years at McKinsey focused on the Energy practice. He specialises in transformation/turnaround and has been running his own consulting firm since 2016. Duncan has broad experience, first as a Chemical Engineer at the leading petroleum technology licensor, UOP and […]

  Jared Simmons provides a concise post that identifies the three most common factors that impede progress.  Whether you are chasing profit or purpose, a team’s ability to make progress is critical to achieving its objectives. There are many obstacles that keep a team from operating at its full potential, but the three most common […]

  Stephen Wunker explores the emotional connection in marketing and how this connection can be applied to Jobs to be Done to lay out pathways for creating targeted, meaningful, and relevant innovations. The modern Mini Cooper—offered in a variety of eye-popping colors—burst onto the scene in 2001 as a chic version of an old British […]