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stakeholder engagement

stakeholder engagement

Frank Mattes shares three ideas, two quotes, and one question on how to sustain stakeholder perseverance. THREE IDEAS Idea 1: Treat stakeholders as internal customers Stakeholders are essential for new-business building, and they should be treated like customers. Just like external customers, stakeholders also seek solutions to their burning problems. And guess what? They are […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Eliza Li with Eliza Li Consulting. Eliza is a young and vibrant independent strategy consulting, who previously worked at the BCG Melbourne office for 1yr+. Since becoming an independent consultant, Eliza has predominantly worked on projects in financial crime and the digital future of mining in Australia. During her BCG […]

Barry Horwitz examines the broad scope of the stakeholder moniker and offers direction on  how to identify and think about them. You’ve probably heard the term “stakeholder analysis.” It’s a tool that is traditionally used for project management, often with an internally focused perspective. But the concept is also relevant for strategic planning work, factoring […]

  Luca Ottinetti provides an article that reflects on past recessionary crises to help business leaders move through the current situation productively with examples of strategies from TMSC, Ford, AB InBev, Home Depot, and Verizon among others. Managing through a recessionary crisis requires more than laying low and waiting for the storm to blow over. […]

  Jason George provides insight on the changes that may emerge after the current crisis.   A good strategy should be responsive to the various scenarios that could plausibly materialize, but even the most tightly crafted ones get blown apart when their subject is hit by an asteroid. In our current situation the object wreaking […]


Jason George explores the relationship between the human need for ritual, community, and purpose, and the organizations or entrepreneurs who see that need as their next opportunity.   Come all ye faithful Some of the devoted choose to meet in the early morning, braving the cold and arriving at their nondescript buildings in the predawn […]

An evergreen post from Gaelle Lamotte to kickoff 2020 and help you prepare for what lies ahead.  In a world of disruptive businesses, overwhelming information and relentless change, companies have to master the art of strategy execution to be agile enough to capitalize on growth opportunities. Excellence in execution is what makes the difference between […]