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We’ve all succumbed to the temptation of venting on social media, but in this post, Patrice Gorin’s question “who are you really talking to” may put the breaks on future online rants.  I once came across a great insight by Aristotle:  “Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right […]

  Alex Sharpe shares a post from the archives that illustrates the pertinence and importance of social media as critical infrastructure.  “If you can spy on a network, you can manipulate it. It is already included. The only thing you need is an active will.”Michael Hayden, Former Director, NSA and Former Director, CIA. Social Media […]


  Amy Giddon shares insight gained on social media through an App developed by her company that was designed to improve the social media experience by cultivating a better connection.  We created Daily Haloha to be a positive collective experience of reflection and connection. At a time when connections are frayed and our spirits dampened, […]


Shane Heywood provides an article that reveals how beer manufacturers are collaborating with smallholder farms to get a more secure supply chain, lower the cost of raw materials, and empower more households with income, and all in addition to improving yields from farming that could change lives for the 2 Bn+ smallholder farmers in the […]