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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

David Edelman shares a post on how AI can reach more people than ever before. #GenAI can transform the process of collecting feedback from consumers, reaching more people across more demographics than ever before, and learning more about what they really think. Here’s how: hashtag#CX Read the post on LinkedIn.

Matt Egol shares an article he co-authored with Mary Beth McEuen, and Emily Falk that explains how a marketing strategy informed by neuroscience can help companies enhance customer engagement and make better use of social media tools. It was love at first sight for Nathan Aaron. The North Carolina graphic artist, illustrator, and social media […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on The Growth Zone where she shared her expertise on good branding strategies and how to upscale brand visibility. Brands of all kinds are seeing a huge need to rethink and reinvent in the new context we’re faced with. The game has changed, but the basic rules remain the […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on the Change Creator podcast on the fundamentals of building a brand. In her nine years of helping companies build their brand identity, Susan has always set aside a portion of her portfolio for these smaller projects despite them being less lucrative for her. The payoff? They inspire her […]