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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Boris Galonske shares an evergreen article on the ever-changing (but ever-present) issue of political risk and how to approach it regardless of what the current risk is.  Coming to grips with political risk In the past, the concept of political risk has been somewhat obscure.  Applications with relevance for day-to-day management have not been entirely […]

Martin Pergler shares an article on risk management that was recently published in Why timing is everything when it comes to effective risk management In the second of our new #ChangingRisk ThinkTank series, Martin Pergler explains why timing is so important when applying risk insights to strategic decision-making. There is much discussion over how […]

Martin Pergler taps into Wordle to illustrate how to apply risk management thinking. Friday’s Wordle (WATCH) provided a great example of applying risk management thinking, alongside strategy and adaptive decision-making. Helping institutions navigate the interplay of these topics is my bread and butter, so I enjoyed seeing it play out so clearly in a game. […]


  Martin Pergler shares an article that explores risk appetite and how to address it as we move into phase two of COVID-19.  Act I of COVID response has been about broad societal measures to stop the pandemic from overwhelming the health system, e.g. physical distancing, pausing the economy, cutting travel; all to slow exponential […]

  Martin Pergler summarizes the assessment of comparative risk levels from two recent press articles and compares them to simple-minded risk assessments to identify the value of the information.  As we gingerly try to “unfreeze” economic and social activity after this first wave of COVID, there’s a lot of prognostication what formerly normal activities are […]

  Davide Gronchi provides a pragmatic approach to risk mitigation and shares a method he uses that was invented by the US military in the late 1940s: FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to assess risk under three lenses.  Whilst in the middle of a heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep […]