Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Johannes Hoech provides a path to faster revenue growth.

If you want to know how your marketing and demand gen teams performed last quarter, you’re in luck. There’s a slew of marketing and revenue analytics tools geared at measuring historical lead generation and conversion rates and attributing past revenue to lead sources.

But if you’re the CEO of a small to medium-sized tech startup, your true objective is to minimize your time to future revenue – and last quarter’s metrics alone aren’t going to get you there. Sure, historical performance can offer lessons in how to optimize going forward – but, for the most part, the past is the past, especially if the underlying data is insufficient or of low quality. The key to faster and greater revenue lies not in recapping last quarter but in accurately forecasting achievable performance for the rest of the year. That’s what the Board wants. That’s how you identify the resources necessary to hit your number. That’s how you win.

And what tools do today’s CEOs use for their forward-looking objectives? Little more than homegrown spreadsheets full of numbers, distributed across various computers in their companies. Between the CFO’s company model, the CRO’s bottom-up forecast or quota capacity model, the CMO’s marketing metrics, Revenue Operations’ pipeline calculations, and the CEO’s own model, there often are five or more spreadsheets … that don’t talk to each other and that often are based on different assumptions that can’t model the complexities of a company’s growth. And trying to cascade a coordinated set of changes through these disconnected spreadsheets takes days or weeks to ensure everyone is in sync – if ever.

It’s long past time to shift from backward-facing marketing analytics tools or simple, disconnected spreadsheets to forward-looking “Growth ArchitectingTM”. This means investing in planning tools and approaches built to produce reliable company growth plans, enabling CEOs and CROs to actually succeed in their jobs without having to report to the board at the end of the quarter being on the defensive (for a deeper analysis of these risks, see our recent blog, “Are you missing your number or is someone over-forecasting?”). By making these shifts, C-level leaders can accomplish two things:

Faster time to revenue – They’ll have the data-driven plan they need to start producing revenue sooner.

A steeper ramp – Not only will the money come in faster, there will be more and more of it as time goes on.

Key points include:

  • Legacy tools
  • Growth architecting


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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Federico Di Franco.  Federico spent six years at Bain & Co Brazil in commercial and marketing practices for consumer goods companies, airlines and automotive. He loves to create value and lead people in order to achieve their full potential and generate measurable benefits and great impact for companies and organizations.

Recognized for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to save costs, improve revenues, and drive commercial full potential initiatives, Federico is happy to collaborate on projects involving start up, operations and go to market positioning.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nicky Shah. Nicky graduated with a BA from the University of Oxford, after which she became a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton (now Strategy&). She picked up experience across a range of industries and practices whilst at BAH.

In 2008 Nicky moved into industry and focused her discipline on revenue growth and strategy work for a subscription based business. Here, she became a subject matter expert on CRM, Customer Retention and Loyalty.

In 2017, she was approached to develop these practices from scratch for Cable and Wireless in the Caribbean markets.

Nicky lives in London, UK but is happy to work internationally. She enjoys keeping fit, trading the financial markets and supporting and mentoring startup businesses.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Andre Martinelli.  André has spent his career helping companies and people grow.  Prior to starting his consulting practice, André was a Director, Go-to-Market for Vista Consulting Group (VCG), the operations arm of Vista Equity Partners. Before that, André was a Managing Director at Blue Ridge Partners, a management consulting firm exclusively focused on helping companies accelerate profitable revenue growth. In both roles, André worked with portfolio company CEOs and Chief Revenue Officers to develop go-to-market strategies, build sales organizations, and implement processes and tools to deliver consistent, profitable growth. He began his career at McKinsey, where he returned after business school.

He lives in Michigan with his wife and two young children, and enjoys attending University of Michigan football and basketball games and heading “Up North.” Andre is interested in B2B sales effectiveness and go-to-market strategy projects, particularly for PE-sponsored companies in the Midwest.