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Retail Patterning

Retail Patterning

Angela Thompson shares retail observations on this year’s Black Friday sales. Happy to share a link to my recent Black Friday podcast with The Robin Report based on my observations last week. Some of the main takeaways from my visit to Easton. Town Center in Columbus, Ohio include: – First, Black Friday will remain important […]

Angela Thompson shares key insights from this year’s retail study on patterning and experiential tactics by major brands.  Of the 12 stores patterned, 4 main themes emerged: Tech-enabled, Personalization, Sustainability and Brand Immersive Tech-enabled experiences were the most distinctive yet varied widely. Checkout innovation was featured in Uniqlo with an RFID-enabled self-checkout and combining Starbucks […]

Carlos Castelan shares the three key takeaways from the first day of Shoptalk 2022; an event that forecasts what’s hot and what’s not in the world of retail.  Greetings to you all from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, where we’re back at Shoptalk after a two-year COVID hiatus, along with 10,000 other people just as excited […]


  David Gross provides the first article in a series that illustrates the changes taking place in the US retail sector and what this means for consumers.  In this new series, “Irreversible Change in US Retail,” we explore the sweeping restructuring taking place in the retail industry. Most importantly, we explore the implications for consumers—a […]

  Angela Thompson shares a complimentary experiential and distinctive retail patterning observations in a detailed report, and provides observations on post COVID19 implications.  Earlier this year, I conducted my annual experiential and distinctive retail patterning in (a pre-COVID-19) New York City.  While the world has shifted and the way in which retailers offer experiences has […]