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Stephen Wunker shares an article published in Forbes that explains how a company researching dementia found an innovative approach that yields insightful results. Dementia can be devastating for people and families. One of the most dreaded medical conditions is, sadly, also one of the most common, with more than 10% of US adults over age […]

Zaheera Soomar shares a post that identifies the top factors she learned from her experience in research and while working on her Doctorate.  During my current Doctorate studies, I have been embarking on a number of different research topics and studies, and have taken some time out recently to reflect and document the learnings that […]

  Nils Boeffel shares a post that identifies how to ask the right questions to get the information you need.  Many managers are confronted with complex decisions to make, and not enough time in which to make them. One way to help make better decisions more quickly is knowing how to ask questions that get […]

  Barry Horwitz shares an article with a few key pointers on communication best practices that gain better results from research. If you hope to develop an effective strategy, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the external forces that impact your organization. Much of this, of course, can be learned through the inevitable […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Atul Kannan with Eagle Leaf Group. Atul was a consultant at Bain prior to starting his consulting firm, Eagle Leaf Group. He stared his career at ExxonMobil, where he held several roles, including in Engineering and as a section head. Atul focuses on diligence, research, and strategy for PE and […]

  Jason George explains with delightful simplicity how the formula used by Dr. Seuss to tell a story is a good example to follow for presentations. The distillation of the core idea to ensure comprehensive understanding that opens the door to deeper exploration. Author Theodor Geisel was dealing with some tough constraints. The audience for […]