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Remote Work


In this article, Jeffery Perry explores transactional work relations and workforce connectivity and how the future of work will evolve unchecked. Accelerated by the global pandemic, the desire for workplace flexibility is more common than ever. For many employers and employees, gone are the days of working full-time in an office setting. While some organizations […]

Christy Johnson shares a professional development post that provides ten useful links to online courses. As organizations and individuals begin a new chapter of remote work today, this workshop series provides a solid foundation amidst an uncertain time. At Artemis Connection, our team has spent thousands of hours working remotely with clients across the world. […]


  Paul Millerd shares insights from multiple sources on the future of work in these five conversations.  The future of work can mean anything.  I’ve had many conversations and discussions around the idea of “future of work” where people talk past each other, often focused on different fundamental issues.  In an effort to make sense […]

  Jonathan Paisner shares a video from his #be150 series on conducting an in-person work session.     Key points include: Planning Appreciating the novelty Working those interstitial moments   Catch the full video, Running a workshop in the time of COVID, on  

  Christy Johnson provides two valuable resources with reviews of tools to help guide your team through the current pandemic situation and maintain productivity, boost morale, and ensure effective communication.   The internet is saturated with ‘remote work tips and tricks,’ ’10 ways to stay focused,’ ‘best home office tools and gear,’ and other guides […]

  As the world begins to realize there will be no return to normal, Diane Mulcahy shares an article that explores the need to rethink the future of work. Work was ripe for disruption long before 2020. The fundamental structure of work, and the ways we work, haven’t kept pace with technology, with corporate needs […]

  If you struggle to stay motivated when working from home, this post is for you. Jeremy Greenberg shares an article that explores the cons of working at home, and what you can do to improve your performance all by yourself.  Tens of millions of us — two thirds of all American full-time workers — […]

  Amanda Setili was recently interviewed by Colleen Francis  on LinkedIn Live where they discussed how the pandemic will improve certain areas of business for the employer, the employee, and the customer.   What a fun and thought provoking conversation with Colleen Francis today. We covered a lot of terrain, including: – How having a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Melanie Espeland with Espeland Enterprises.  Melanie S. Espeland has over 13 years of professional experience across strategy and operations. She is the Founder of Espeland Enterprises, a boutique consulting firm.  Their services include executive voice coaching and business consulting. Melanie has consulted for businesses for 5 exciting years, utilizing her […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Kordt Griepenkerl with Med-Beratung. Kordt  spent five years in the McKinsey healthcare practice in Germany and then worked in leadership positions for the medtech firms Biotronik and Trumpf Medical (now part of Hill-Rom). He covers a wide range of fields from operations to sales and marketing and extensive international experience. […]