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Glenton Jelbert shares a conversation on faith that explores atheism, faith, and the total life experience argument. One of the unexpected joys of having written a book on atheism is the opportunity to have conversations with people of many different perspectives. John wrote to me out of the blue the other day, and we had […]

Glenton Jelbert shares a chapter from his book that examines evidence in the bible that tackles Christian arguments and reflects his journey as a former Christian. This is an excerpt from the Introduction of Evidence Considered: A Response to Evidence for God (available here). Over the coming weeks, I will be posting a few sample […]

Glenton Jelbert examines passages in the Bible to extrapolate fallacies, fallibilities, and the philosophical merits within.  Was Paul a deluded apocalypticist? In other words, did he believe the apocalypse (i.e. some kind of dramatic end of world event) would happen in his lifetime? The answer to this is almost certainly yes. My friend, Mark Smith, […]

  Glenton Jelbert tackles the theories behind evolution to dispel the beliefs of the creationists.    Despite what creationists and Intelligent Design people tell you, the theory of evolution makes a remarkable number of predictions that have turned out to be correct. This is true for discoveries that postdate the discovery of evolution, such as […]