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professional insights

Zaheera Soomar shares a post that identifies the top factors she learned from her experience in research and while working on her Doctorate.  During my current Doctorate studies, I have been embarking on a number of different research topics and studies, and have taken some time out recently to reflect and document the learnings that […]


While most travel is still limited, this small problem identified by Tobias Baer’s article may still be an issue for many suit-wearing globe trotters. Fortunately, he provides a simple solution. Sometimes good risk management comes down to doing very practical, even banal things. It would be both ironic and tragic if you are, say, one […]

Andy Sheppard shares an older but always relevant post that asks whether professional insights can lead to spiritual insights. In my work, I often help leaders to dismantle silos in their organisations. It’s so rewarding to see people thrive and gain new insights as they come together. Somewhat similarly, I have also found that new […]