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professional development

In this article, Erica Reischer shares scientific, actionable advice to help one thrive at work and at home.  Some time ago, before a big test at school, I asked my daughter how she was feeling.  She confided, “Mom, I’m kind of freaked out.”  As a psychologist and parent coach, this was my sweet spot.  After […]

Nicolai Chen Nielsen shares a video of a TEDX talk he gave on ambition and leadership. Nicolai believes that ambition needs to be demystified and reframed to become a positive driving force. He asks: Why are we running so fast, where are we going and what do we want to achieve in our lives? In […]

Zahra Abdullah shares a short post on the relation between passion and profession. Are you happy with your job? Do you know when to grit and when to quit? We are wired to seek safety; we look for jobs that pay the bills and grant us a good life. Most of us even attend schools […]

In this article, Yanay Zohar extolls the benefits of transparency at work.  Most of us would agree that transparency is a good thing.Yet somehow, not only did we get used to its glaring absence at work, but most people would even find it borderline inappropriate. What is the price we pay, and how can we […]

Kathryn Valentine shares an article that identifies three negotiation myths still harming women’s careers. We work with professional women all the time on their career negotiations: training them, advising their employers, and studying their successes and pitfalls. One of us (Kathryn) is a negotiation coach and trainer and the other (Hannah) is a scholar and […]

Concise advice from Jean-Francois Berleur as he explains why most transformations fail and steps you can take to mitigate failure. Most transformation fail”. A post dated … 1995. Do you ever wonder why 30 years later, this affirmation still holds? Most transformations fail because we think too linearly. As Einstein said, “If I had an […]

Lynn Compton Seay shares a post on running a professional development retreat and offers a PDF of materials created.  I miss attending McKinsey’s annual professional development retreats, so I organized my own.  While I’ve lost access to McKinsey’s Cadillac programming, I still maintain a roster of inspirational professional friends and colleagues. I rounded up a […]

Lisa Carlin shares an article on how to ensure continued relevance in the future of work. “The biggest shame trigger at work is the fear of irrelevance.” Brené Brown [1] Brené says when we’re afraid, we tend to self-protect. This is an instinctive reaction when faced with an unpredictable future. We can respond by building […]

Michael Davis shares sage advice for decision makers to help them make wise decisions. Every day, each of us is faced with numerous choices. What should we do when the Bible doesn’t seem to speak directly to the situations we face and the decisions we make? What Does the Bible say about Making Decisions? The […]

Chandler Arnold shares a post on a new venture based on 7 “radical” beliefs, Untraditional Philanthropy. Are you frustrated with traditional philanthropy? I am, too.  I founded Untraditional Philanthropy based on 7 “radical” beliefs that really shouldn’t be radical at all. Today we are sharing Radical Belief #1. I am pretty proud of this work. […]