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professional delvelopment

professional delvelopment

Susan Drumm shares an article that explains how to assess your own emotional intelligence. First of all, I know what you’re thinking. “Susan, is it even possible to assess your own emotional intelligence? How am I going to convince my friends and coworkers to be really honest about my EQ?” Is this the same as […]

In this article, Bernie Heine explains why even executives at the top of their game could benefit from executive coaching.  As we begin a new year, it’s natural to look back at last year and summarize all the milestones we’ve achieved. A new year represents a fresh start, and it’s always good to plan to […]

Paul Millerd shares an article that explores how the mindset towards work changed and moved towards the concept of careerism. Modern work critics blame Frederick Taylor for the hyper-optimization of the modern workplace. The accepted narrative is that Taylor kicked off a movement that looked at work as something that could be optimized and managed […]

  Robyn Bolton shares introspective insights and answers on working from home during the pandemic. In middle school and high school my dad and I would have massive arguments about my math homework. And by “massive,” I mean arguments that make episodes of The Real Housewives look like polite differences of opinion over tea and […]