Umbrex is pleased to welcome Hugo Breton with ActionCOACH Halton. Hugo began his career as a business consultant at McKinsey & Company. He led performance transformations in the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa across the technology, retail, automotive and logistics industries. He later joined Citibank, where he implemented new marketing and retail banking processes. Hugo led […]


In this article, Susan Drumm shares unexpected productivity tips for leaders and CEOs.  Are productivity tips for leaders different from productivity tips for everybody else? Most of us struggle with the same productivity pitfalls, regardless of job title. We all wish there were more hours in the day and fewer emails. We’re all distracted by […]

Patrice Gorin provides an overview of using software as a means of digital self management and how it can help promote team productivity. As described in my previous blog (Software as a Second Self: SaaS2), our ability to handle life in all its many facets is under constant pressure. As a result, it is becoming […]

  If your home office is a little lacking in motivational and inspirational energy, Susan Meier’s new project may help you redesign a creative space. The project she co-founded with photographer Hallie Burton showcases the inspiring home workspaces and the stories of those who work there. This post profiles the home office and insights of […]


  Sean McCoy identifies key steps a business may take to alter the operation model and improve  productivity. We are in the initial stages of a productivity mega-trend. Forced by wage growth and enabled by technology, leading companies are already redesigning their operating models to make their people more productive. The forces creating the productivity […]

  If you struggle to stay motivated when working from home, this post is for you. Jeremy Greenberg shares an article that explores the cons of working at home, and what you can do to improve your performance all by yourself.  Tens of millions of us — two thirds of all American full-time workers — […]

  Ravi Rao was recently interviewed on the podcast The Why Word where he explains how businesses can become emotionally healthier places to work, and reap the benefits of a happier, motivated, and more productive workforce. Humans survive because we care about each other, because we are connected to each other, because we are so […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mukesh Jagota with JRCC Partners. Mukesh Jagota spent five years as a Senior Leader in the Consumer and Retail Practice at Strategy& (formerly, Booz & Co.). Mukesh was one of the firm’s key thought leaders in the area of Sales & Marketing. In particular, Mukesh has conducted numerous client projects […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jay Jung with Embarc Advisors.  Jay Jung was an Engagement Manager in McKinsey’s Hong Kong office where he was part of the Corporate Finance practice. His prior experience includes investment banking at Goldman Sachs New York and San Francisco offices, where he was a Vice President and completed ~$50 billion […]


Umbrex is pleased to welcome Luke Xie with Lux Advisors.  Luke is a former McKinsey Business Analyst with the strategy practice and has been independent consulting since 2013. He has operating experience across early & late stage start-ups including Airbnb, Sentio (consumer hardware), and Coda Automotive (electric vehicles). Luke also has venture capital experience from working at Romulus […]