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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alonzo Page with Strange Oaths.  Alonzo, Founder & CEO of Strange Oaths, scales market-defining brands and products with data-driven creativity. A former Bain consultant and Peloton’s Head of Global Consumer Strategy, he leverages analytical precision and a passion for storytelling to fuel sustainable growth. His journey from Yale, to Columbia […]

Hari Sripathi shares a post on defining the ideal customer profile. How should you define an Ideal Customer Profile? I consulted with an eCommerce disruptor building a curated shopping experience for runners. While generating enormously positive reviews and +7 NPS scores, customer growth still stalled. In fact, they were stuck for 10 months before we […]


In this post, Mason Adair shares key points from an article on measuring product/market fit. I’ve used this article about measuring Product / Market Fit with my B2B product teams quite a bit over the years and I think it still resonates. Some key points are: 1) The statistics prove it – premature scaling will […]

Rob Ristagno shares a company post that explains the importance of understanding product market fit and where to find it. It’s a story we often hear on the CEO Campfire Chat podcast. A founder faces a problem in their life. They search for a solution in the marketplace, and it just doesn’t exist. Instead of […]

Tirrell Payton explains why the best product managers delete more features than they add. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product manager about some of the issues with the product, and he relayed that the […]

  Shelli Baltman shares a post from her company blog that showcases innovative products in food and packaging.  Kate Summers, Innovation Associate at The Idea Suite, highlights some innovative products that were due to be showcased at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. If you’re passionate about innovation, as we are at The Idea Suite, […]


  Cheryl Lim Tam provides a post that explains the benefits of Tundra and highlights a few companies that are using the platform to sell their products.  Ever wonder what happened to that innovative company you once saw on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank? There’s a good chance it landed a deal, invested in more […]

Luca Ottinetti’s company blog shares case studies that reveal how Intel and SpaceX successfully launched new products, and what went wrong with Nokia and Swissair’s business model innovations.   Entering a new market with new products that target new customers requires a new business model. It is a powerful strategic initiative that changes the rules […]


Robbie Baxter explains why companies need to prioritize their mission over their products to take advantage of new technologies and services and build a new kind of relationship with today’s–and tomorrow’s–members. As association leaders, many of you are Membership Pioneers. Membership is something you probably have been thinking about for years. But in the last 10 years, […]

Jonathan Paisner identifies the cause of tension between corporate marketing and brand marketing, and how you can bridge the divide with a brand messaging format that communicates company vision and value for the end consumer.   B2B companies experience an ongoing tension between corporate marketing and product marketing – because their goals aren’t completely alignedFor […]