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Product Management

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Barry Saunders with MXA Consulting.  Barry has spent his career at agencies, consultancies and innovative companies building digital projects, new businesses and innovation capabilities. He worked as the Chief Product Officer at Oroton, driving a digitally-led turnaround of a heritage fashion brand. He spent 4 years at McKinsey building new […]


In this article, Tirrell Payton identifies common issues faced by product managers and how to fix them.  “Hi, I’m Tirrell. Thanks a lot for taking the time to chat with me about what you need and how I might be able to help. So tell me, what is the problem you’re trying to solve?” “We […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tony Zheng with OpsArmy.  Tony is a serial entrepreneur with a record of driving growth and innovation. He is the founder of OpsArmy, a talent marketplace, helping businesses hire international talent in roles like social media marketing, design, and content marketing. Previously, he was an early employee at a ventured […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Carlo Sanchez. Carlo is a former BCG and PwC consultant and business operator with 15+ years of experience managing strategic projects and P&Ls across various industries, with a track record of building high-performance teams, creating consensus, launching new projects and ventures, and improving business performance. He has MBA in Entrepreneurship […]

Tirrell Payton shares an evergreen article that explains why fewer features are better in product design and how product managers can guide the development in the right direction. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Elena Bazina. Elena is a cross-functional leader with 15+ years of experience building and scaling complex systems that drive excellent customer outcomes and optimize/ digitize processes. She has in-depth expertise in Product Management, Business and Product Operations, Product Partnerships, and Strategy. Elena spent the last 8+ years in product management […]

Tirrell Payton explains why the best product managers delete more features than they add. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product manager about some of the issues with the product, and he relayed that the […]

  Kaihan Krippendorff shares a post that identifies the need for agility in the face of major disruptions, such as COVID-19, and explains how companies can adapt their product to meet the shifts in demand. “As the COVID epidemic rounds through its second year, Gen Xers, like me, are happy to avoid airplanes. On average, […]

  Tirrell Payton explains the difference between a project mindset and a product mindset and which one may be the better strategy during market shifts and disruptions. Digital” continues to grow in importance as a first class business discipline, just as important as marketing, finance, or strategy. Therefore, product management has become more important as […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares valuable advice for product managers who are ramping up operations to prepare for new subscribers to their subscription-based business. So you’ve launched your subscription app, and you have some subscribers. You’ve only scratched the surface. Now the real work begins. The key to subscription models is that the benefits keep […]