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Problem Solving

Problem Solving

In this post, Ameila Waters explains how passion and purpose can unlock creative problem solving. My youngest son loves playing Piggy on Roblox. He runs around finding keys and unlocking doors to escape a building while being chased by a zombie pig. Objects hidden across the game’s many chapters unlock cool skins. The skins are […]

Concise advice from Jean-Francois Berleur as he explains why most transformations fail and steps you can take to mitigate failure. Most transformation fail”. A post dated … 1995. Do you ever wonder why 30 years later, this affirmation still holds? Most transformations fail because we think too linearly. As Einstein said, “If I had an […]

In this article, Dan Markovitz explains why problem framing is more consequential than you might think and offers a link to a book that will help you become a better problem solver.  In 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” In 2017, President Trump declared a “public health emergency” to battle the opioid crisis. […]

Hugo Breton shares an episode from his YouTube channel where he interviews Shelley Morgan-Bair on how to revolutionize workflow.  Welcome to another exciting episode of Business Spotlight featuring Shelley Morgan-Bair, CEO of Rx Billing Genie and a pharmacy workflow innovator. At Rx Billing Genie, they are committed to providing pharmacy professionals with peace of mind […]

Take a trip with Teddy Daiell on this fun ride down a rabbit hole of short, thought-provoking links and quotes on the mental models we use to solve problems. “Short Description: When solving problems, we rely heavily on the tools that are most familiar to us. Long(er) Description: “…if we are not mindful, and if […]

Shelli Baltman shares an article on exploring how to unlock the creative potential of the next generation of innovators. Our mission at The Idea Suite is to unlock the creative potential of people and businesses through innovation – but that mission goes beyond just business, and the day to day work of our company. We […]

In the current environment of information saturation, Rahul Bhargava highlights the importance of critical thinking skills and how to improve them.  Now and then, every individual comes face to face with some challenge or a problem, which requires them to make a decision. For an entrepreneur, it could be something as simple as deciding a […]

Greg Acton shares a podcast that explains why you should challenge assumptions when solving problems. While leadership entails guiding people in the direction of success, it also requires the ability to look at problems and seek solutions. How you frame those problems can have much to do with the solution arrived at. Mark Twain once […]

David Gronchi shares an article designed to simplify problem solving. Advanced analytics and machine learning are some of the ready-to-use technologies that help discover correlations and drive conclusions out of complex data sets that often describe our business and production processes. This is very helpful to take decisions aiming to prevent something unwanted to happen […]

Dan Markovitz shares a short but insightful post and an introduction to a workshop on the importance of word choice when problem framing to ensure a positive outcome.  In 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” In 2017, President Trump declared a “public health emergency” to battle the opioid crisis. These two declarations were […]